Keeping A Chambersburg Bonus Room Comfortable

Bonus rooms are common for houses with additions. Additional bonus rooms include attics, basements, and garages. Typically, a bonus room may be lacking in the comfortability of a traditional, normal-sized room by omitting windows, doors, and sometimes even furniture.

However, there are many uses for these extra, spacious rooms. Some of these uses include in-home libraries, fitness studios, storage spaces, laundry rooms, and playrooms. With proper decoration, these spaces can be transformed into versatile, functional living rooms.

Our team at Spray Tight Spray Foam Insulation recently undertook a project for a military family in Chambersburg, PA. This family desired to transform their empty bonus space into a relaxing playroom for their seven-year-old son. Our team went to work to give this family a room that was properly insulated and safe for their young child.

Spray foam is one of the best ways to insulate any room to protect against extreme temperatures. Spray foam stops conditioned indoor air from escaping and prevents unconditioned air from entering a home.

By insulating this bonus room, the homeowners are now able to heat and cool the room with the original HVAC system without upgrading or adding units. Our team was excited to give this beautiful family a safe, temperature-regulated space where their son can play with family and friends!

Are you looking to turn the extra bonus room in your home into a valuable space with consistent temperature control with spray foam? Contact Spray Tight Spray Foam for a free estimate today!