Energy Efficiency Improvements for Historic Littlestown Farmhouse

Spray Tight Spray Foam recently had a job in Littlestown, a small town close to Gettysburg. The owners of this residential property were remodeling their home to improve energy efficiency.

The house is a Civil War-era triple brick farmhouse.  Every detail of this home was very thought out when it was built, and you can see that in the custom hand-crafted trim details. Something else that makes this home unique is its 12-foot ceilings,  a very rare feature in a home from that era.

Our team stepped in to seal this historic home with spray foam, adding insulation to the wall panels to prevent moisture and air from entering. With fewer air gaps, the farmhouse now has energy-efficient protection that will help to save on future heating and cooling costs.

Sealing the walls was just one of the first steps of their complete remodel. We cannot wait to see the finished product. Check out the images below!

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Littlestown Spray Foam Photos