In the recent past, we enjoyed business growth of nearly 40%. With this, we made the decision to move from our existing facility of 1,000 square feet to a new/retrofitted facility of 7,700 square feet. The products, techniques, application and industry knowledge used by Spray Tight Insulation, allowed us to maintain our current heating and cooling costs. This was even with an increased square footage of over 6,000 square feet. We would strongly recommend the services of Spray Tight Insulation to our friends, colleagues, customers and business partners.

Dr Trent Lartz, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine/Owner of Mountain View Veterinary Clinic

With the needs of our growing family, my wife and I decided to finish the attic area above our kitchen for additional living space. Typically, the temperatures in this area exceeded 140 degrees during the summer months. Spray Tight Insulation allowed us to achieve an ambient temperature during the hottest time of the year of 80 degrees. This was done sheerly through the open cell insulation (6`` application) and not through the controls of a HVAC system. Whether you are looking to convert existing space or new construction, we would recommend the services of Spray Tight Insulation.

Austin Myers, Owner of Myers Landscaping